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Wordless Wednesday: Vintage Dog #4

Before we got into this volunteer puppy raising gig for Canine Companions for Independence and had a household of face lickers, we had The Kaiser.

Noble and handsome, The Kaiser and I had a bond that I never experienced before. Or since.We lost this beautiful soulful dog at the young age of nine to an aggressive cancer.

I still miss him.

But hey, on a brighter note, you eagle-eyed dog handlers out there have certainly noticed the retractable leash by now. What were you thinking!, you cry. A big, robust dog like that on a retractable leash? You should know better.

Ah, yes, you are correct. I do know better. Now, I do.  My education involved a simple formula of a 90 lb dog plus a scared rabbit that added up to a face plant. Wasn’t pretty, folks. And frankly, hurt like hell.

If I offer nothing else in this world than to serve as an example, then that is my destiny to embrace.  Just say no to retractable leashes, people.  

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  1. Hi Y'all,

    Hey hey! BOL! I did that to my Human…the face plant…and I was wearing a 6 ft training lead. I've also knocked her on her keester doing an off lead recall. Oops…sorry…couldn't stop.

    Just hoppin' by to see how your week is going. Hope it's great! Wishin' y'all a great first summer day and a wonderful summer!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  2. Good lookin dog….handler looks pretty good also! Based on your relative size, seems like he would have been taking you for a walk rather than the other way around…..must have been a great friendship!

    Jim Fuller


  3. It doesn't take a big GSD to cause a face plant. My corgis coupled with a Flexi have been known to take me out!

    Stopped by on the blog-hop. Happy Wednesday!

    Taryn and corgis Wilson and Jimmy


  4. Ah Hawk, my furry friend. You sound like the yellow dogs hanging around my house now. The two of them start playing and next thing I know, they've taken out Jager, the cat and the end table. I do love having big dogs around though.


  5. Thanks for stopping by the humble dog blog, Jim! Lucky for me this big fella was good on a leash. Most of the time.

    The Kaiser was the best family dog ever, in spite of his hard feelings about little dogs. “I bet they taste like chicken,” Kaiser says. I want to believe there's another GSD in my future some day.


  6. Hi Taryn! Corgies have that hidden strength, don't they. I mean they look at cute and bunny butt-like, but there's a fire inside.



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