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Wordless Wednesday: A time in history

Alrighty my Dayton peeps, who recognizes this
blue clock tower in the background?

One year ago in May 2011, the mighty Micron matriculated into the advanced training program at Canine Companions for Independence.  Or as we refer to it, three months at CCI summer camp.  Micron was released before the second semester due to a high distraction (squirrel!) personality style not suited to an assistance dog career.

The weekend before matriculation, we visited Dayton’s historical Carillon Park for a final photo shoot of Micron in his yellow training cape. Here’s a never before published photo from the Black-Sword photo archives. Our handsome yeller dog is posing in front of a landmark that may be familiar to many a Gem City native.

Heads up trivia geeks as I share a brief history lesson of the Callahan Building Clock. From Dale Huffman’s column in the Dayton Daily News, November 15, 2006:

The clock, which originally topped the Callahan Building at Third and Main in 1892, became the Gem City Clock after Gem City Savings took over the building in 1955. Reynolds and Reynolds saved it and placed it on its Germantown Street building in 1978. 

At the demolition of the Reynolds and Reynolds building in 2006, the 35 foot tall clock was gently moved to its current location at Carillon Park.  And this is the very spot we captured its image in the bokeh of  Micron’s historical moment.

And keeping in the spirit of historical events, I’ve given a warm nostalgic tweak to the photo’s tones. But as Micron would tell you, there’s no tweaking out the handsome.

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  1. Aww…Micron you are a handsome lad. You remind me a lot of my Apache only he wears a slightly different yellow cape.

    Happy Wednesday!


  2. Hey Micron, Jet here. Hi Miss Donna.

    No hard feelings, Micron, I LOVE to bark at squirrels, too…

    We live in the tropics Miss Donna, so, we have no idea about the blue clock… I do enjoy the color though!


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Colby. And yep, Apache is one good looking fellow too. These boys just can't turn off the charm.


  4. Hey Jet! So you have tropical squirrels there? That sounds more exotic than the gray tree rats we have here in Ohio. Thanks for stopping by!



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