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Wordless Wednesday: Sleeper hold

You know, I didn’t pose these two. Somehow in the course of the busy workday, they shifted themselves into this sleeper hold. 

I’m not a big fan of the rastlin’ world. I don’t know – this may not be an official sleeper hold. It might be the double dog down or something.

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  1. How funny!!!! What a couple of silly gooses! 🙂


  2. Hey it's Jet here.
    That's so funny because Mom is not a big fan either, yet, we dubbed JJ the Chewminator for the WWF (Woofwide Wrestling Federation)! (you can search my sight for chewminator posts!


  3. We'll go out there and check out the Chewminator. Woofwide Wrestling, LOL.


  4. Yep, silly dogs. I don't even know how they did this, I just looked down and saw them. They always have me laughing at something silly.



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