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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Unbirthday to Jager

We don’t know Jager’s birthday, having adopted him as an adult dog.  He spent some time on the streets as an unwanted pup, then moved around foster homes with a rescue group. He didn’t make it to his forever home until two years old. Until then, survival was a big deal, not celebrating a birthday. 

But now he’s part of our family and such a special dog deserves a special day, I think.  March 12 is Happy Adoption Day for Jager.  This week marks six years since he’s become a part of our lives.

Not a service dog in training, nor a therapy dog, Jager fills yet another role. 

We’re stuck in traffic, nobody is going anywhere. I see in the rear view mirror that Jager is at the back window and wagging his tail furiously.  In the SUV next to us, two children are waving at him.  So I roll down the window and Jager sticks his noggin out with a open mouth doggie grin.  The kids are leaning out, yelling Hi Doggie! I make eye contact with the dad who is smiling as well. Here we are stuck in traffic and everyone is having a happy moment.

That’s what Jager does. He is a bright spot in the day.

Another fine example of who rescued who?  

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  1. Jager sounds like a pretty smart dog! You must be really lucky to have him. He surely deserves to have a relaxing dog grooming Long Island.



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