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Y’all know by now how much I enjoy dogs, photography and the general feel good activities of combining these two things.  With the leash in one hand and the Canon in the other, I do try to capture my admittedly amateur’s view of this puppy raising business.

This is but a small part of the goodness that is Canine Companions for Independence. For your viewing pleasure, I’d like to share with you the blog of professional photographer, Douglas Bawden.  He is generously volunteering his time and talent to CCI to help in raising awareness of our amazing organization.

Do take a moment to check out his stuff, photographically speaking, at Douglas Bawden Photography.  We’ve got him in the blog roll on the right to make it easier to watch for updates.

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  1. Donna – thanks so much for posting this link. It turns out the litter being featured on the photographer's blog is that of my next puppy, Stinson. I'm in contact with the photographer and he's going to share some photos with me. You gotta love the CCI network, right?
    Thanks, again!


  2. Hey Leigh Anne! Congrats on puppy Stinson. Indeed I do love this CCI network and how many different ways we connect to each other.


  3. That's the cutest puppy I've ever seen!


  4. many thanks a lot with regard to publishing this particular hyperlink. As it happens the actual litter box becoming showcased about the photographer's weblog is actually which associated with my personal following pup, Stinson. I am in touch with the actual digital photographer as well as he will reveal a few pictures beside me. A person gotta adore the actual CCI system, correct?

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