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Wordless Wednesday: Dogs are full price

Blogger’s note: Today’s Wordless Wednesday does indeed have more words than usual.  This is a copy of a post from my photography blog from earlier this year. Originally published in February 2011, this is Micron when he was still a CCI pup in training.

The grammar witch in me is wondering why Kids is plural and Baby is not. Sure, Kids isn’t a possessive, so no need for an apostrophe, so we’re good there. And why-o-why, no dogs for sale when there’s one on display. 

Filling a need to get out of the house on a gray winter’s day, we put the cape on Micron and head to the mall. We stop at Old Navy for a photo op with the supermodelquins. I didn’t make that word up, by the way. These ersatz people with the toothy grins actually have names, including the dog, Barker.  To the left of Barker is Rita and Christopher, with Kimmy gazing into space behind them like she sees a double rainbow or something. It’s true; I looked this stuff up on the Internet.

After the photo shoot (grand total of three photos), I turn around to see a crowd behind me. There are people with their kids lining up to pet Micron. Wow. He granted an audience with his usual graciousness, while I’m encouraging to keep a Sit and stop asking for belly rubs.

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  1. =) Cute post. And I always smile when my German friend says, “Childrens” in a sentence like this, “When will the childrens come home from school?”.


  2. yikes that grammar bothers me too! But Barker, he's a great training tool. My Saxon always thinks he's real and WHOA what is he doing there, not moving at all? It's funny to watch a dog sniff a plastic dog's butt. 🙂


  3. Hi Y'all!

    My Human is not allowed to see that! She might have a stoke. She used to be an English teacher.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog



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