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Color my world with dog

Yaxley says smells have a color.

Got another mind blowing factoid for y’all today.  Turns out that dogs can actually see colors; their world isn’t just shades of grey as we’ve been led to believe by modern folklore.  Now they are indeed colorblind in the literal sense that their optical spectrum filters out reds and greens, which could be why my little fuzzy friends don’t get so excited about our annual leaf-peeping road trip adventures. 

For curiosity’s sake, here’s a color spectrum from a study performed at the University of California, Santa Barbara that tested the colorblind theory.  The full article from Psychology Today can be found here.  It goes on explaining about cones and such.  What? Not enuf info for you?  Well then, grab a cup of coffee and  click here to read the actual study results.

Image from Psychology Today’s Canine Corner (click here for full article)

It’s a long way rattling down the highways to North Carolina from our Hershey PA campsite and we are compelled to stop for the occasional bio break for the dogs.  They leave their mark in three states before we even make it to the northern border of North Carolina. Ah, but now we come across a scenic overlook off the highway. Time for a mental break for us human beans.

Whacha all looking at?
Micron just doesn’t get it.

And we find ourselves reminded again to always have CCI brochures on hand.  Yaxley all handsome in his training cape attracts attention and some in depth conversations with the other leaf peepers hanging around the scenic overlook. I step away and leave the Husband to talk with these nice folk. He’s the people-person, I’m the socially awkward nerd. We are a fine team, we are.

Micron and Yaxley know what’s coming next. Food Lady is messing with that black box again, so it’s time to sit and put on a doggy smile. Even the onlookers remark on what pros these two are as they pose for the camera.  They’ve done this before, haven’t they?

Yes, my leaf peepin’ friends. Yes they have.

Both sides are my “good side”, you know.
I think Micron smells like a color.  Can you guess what it is?
Smile Yax!  Dang, you’re so serious.

Because the daylight hours are shorter this time of year, we stop before we can reach Asheville.  The Husband prefers not to drive the moving house through unfamiliar territory in the dark and I have total buy-in on that. That it’s tougher to do the RV hookups by flashlight nails the choice down.  I’ll go hookup the water and electric now.  Not at the same time, I hope, Honey.

We consult the camping guide and select Fort Chiswell RV Park to rest our weary wheels.  By the time the dogs are fed, watered and toileted, then our dinner is set steaming upon the dinette table, it’s nightfall. Not a good time to walk the campground and check out our surroundings.  Besides, we can get WIFI here and I’ve got to check the farm. Right, I mean email.

But the next morning, the pups and I are met with some glorious natural wonders.

These next set of photos were taken from the dog run area. A light fog, dewy grass and the sunrise all made for some dreamy shots.

 Next post: We take a look at how the other half lives.

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  1. I have a friend in Asheville – now I see why she lives there. BEAUTIFUL! part of the country. Your dogs are beautiful too!


  2. Gorgeous photos!!!!! I love the ones in the dog run! A very funny place to have a dog run, though! The color fact was interesting.


  3. The mom LOVES Fall. We still aren't sure what all the fuss is about for reasons you've already explained. We're glad she enjoys it so much though – and we get to have more walks and adventures!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack


  4. I just found your blog through your article on Pet Blogs United ( which was great btw) and your blog is great too. You've got great photography, great posts and a dose of good humour, which is always good. If you want to know about dogs and colour from a dog's point of view check out my post
    Now, back to more of your posts!


  5. Ruca! I am in awe of your blog and your art. Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog and for your kind words. I can't wait to check out more of your stuff.



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