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Landlocked in the midwest

Because Canine Companions for Independence is a national organization, you can find a volunteer puppy raiser just about anywhere. Just this morning I was looking at photos of a CCI training event with a backdrop of swaying palm trees, clear blue water and sailboats. Ah, nice.

Yaxley’s littermate Yarrow (second from right) joins
in a doggie birthday celebration

But hey, I got photos, too. Just because we’re in landlocked Ohio (the Heart of America!) doesn’t mean we’re just mosquitoes and humidity around here. We do have lakes and things.  And we have Ohio State Parks, always a fine choice to see our state’s natural wonders, especially with your favorite dog at your side.

Hi! I’m gonna be a service dog
when I grow up!

To help in raising awareness of their dog friendly parks, CCI was invited to share the Ohio State Park information booth at our state fair this weekend. Yaxley stepped into his yellow cape and we headed out to Columbus to work the crowds. 

A typical August day in Ohio, warm and muggy, with the occasional flash flood thunderstorm. But it didn’t keep folk from enjoying the state fair. Several puppy raisers and a few service dog teams were at our Meet & Greet booth to share information on CCI.  The dogs earned their kibble, too. Just non-stop activity all day.

Yaxley shared his shift with the lovely Wish, a fellow puppy-in-training. Families stopped by the booth to meet these two adorable yellow puppies. Yax just has it in his nature to love little kids, but when they’re fresh from the midway smelling like deep-fried fair goodness, well, that’s just a bonus.

So another training opportunity for the pup to work on that ever elusive skill of self-control. There’s not really a don’t lick command to whisper in his ear. It’s more like a just plain and firmly stated Don’t!  Keep in mind that there’s a fine balance between effectively correcting your dog while not scaring the diaper off the little kid who’s getting the ketchup cleaned off his face. I’m still working my finesse on that one.

Wish and Yaxley await their audience

So, another day of time well spent. Raising awareness and training opportunities. Now I’m off to practice giving firm commands using my indoor voice.

I’m saving myself for the cover of the Rolling Stone

Now if someone would just slip a dog biscuit into my mouth,
I believe we’ll have a trifecta
Red, Yax & Mojo take a short break
It seems that Red may be sharing a naughty joke
with Yaxley.

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  1. look exciting!

    Sorry to here about Micron, though. Has he been adopted yet?

    Elijah & Dembre
    P.S. are you guys going to be at the workshops


  2. Love the first picture! So adorable!



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