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Don’t cry because it’s over

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.       -Dr. Suess

Some of us are good with change. I’ve met people, always at work it seems, that proudly claim to be Claim Agents. They wear this self-proclaimed title like a flag. And good for them, I say. More power to you and all that.  But there come times when it would be nice that instead of stirring that big pot of life, could we just keep things at a simmer for a couple hours?

But even a slow simmer person as myself will admit that life changes can bring excitement and renewal. My job has recently moved to another location which has me driving over a hundred miles round trip each workday. On the suck scale, I’d give the commute an eight out of ten. But truth be told, once I’m settled in at my desk, I kinda love it. Surrounded by windows now instead of the prior florescent-lighted cube farm environment. Great co-workers and a rewarding job at a good company. It really is pretty great. They pay me to show up and work, not to say nice things. So they get that one for free.

Micron and Karsen sporting their
matriculation capes

But some change is bittersweet. We’ve all encountered that, haven’t we? Good and not so good all mixed together. Last Friday was one of those for us.

Micron is now off to advanced training at CCI’s North Central Regional Center. Dog college, so to speak. Our work with him is done and we’ve said our good-byes. 

Isn’t that hard to do, we’re asked, to give them up?  The answer is a hearty yes. Indeed, it’s tough to do, to return the dog to CCI. But you know, if it were easy, then honestly, something ain’t right. You might think that we fall madly in love with these fuzzies somewhere over those fourteen to sixteen months we have them. Not true, I say. That magic moment actually happens when you pick up the eight week old cotton ball and look into those brown eyes for the first time. Mutual trust, respect and admiration. And isn’t that the meat-and-potatoes of  true love?

So what the heck are we doing here? Why throw ourselves so willingly into all this drama and  emotional gymnastics?  I couldn’t possibly answer this for any other puppy raiser. Of the thousand plus CCI puppy raisers out there, each could share their own motivation. But as a personal expert on, well, my personal self, let me share my vision.

I see . . .

  • A young person with the confidence to attend college and live independently with their companion. 
  • A dog who provides comfort that they are there by your side for only one reason. You.
  • A dog creating a social bridge for a child with a disability. Who perhaps finds it easier to make new friendships with their dog by their side.
  • A person who is no longer afraid to travel. Who no longer sleeps in the hotel chair, but instead can get a good night’s sleep knowing their Hearing Assistance dog will wake them in case of a fire alarm or a knock on the door.
  • A dog in an elementary school classroom. Laying quietly as the kids practice their flashcards on his side.

So, what is Micron’s destiny? How’s he going to do at CCI U?  Dunno yet.

But know what?  I bet he’ll make us proud whatever he chooses to do.

Hey Karsen, let’s go scope out the cute chicks at CCI U.
You thinking brunettes or blondes?

College boys, Micron (CCI U) and Derek (BGSU)

Crying towel, a gift from fellow puppy raiser, Elisa.
A gift from Mars’ puppy raiser, Marianne.

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  1. Thank's for sharing your thoughts on the puppy raising process. I recently attended at Puppy Summer Sunday open house at the CCI Los Angeles location, and I really enjoyed meeting the puppies and their PR's!
    – Christine



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