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Dog hair in the scotch tape

“Who’s this gift from?” asks a voice of innocence. “Oh, that’s from Aunt Donna. See, there’s dog hair stuck in the scotch tape.”

It’s true. I was pulling dog hair off the gifts as I was wrapping them this past Christmas season. For the first few, anyway. Then I kinda gave up. Oh heck, there was probably dog hair in the spinach dip I brought, too. But don’t tell anyone that one. We breathe, eat and sleep canine fur around here. I suppose we’re used so used to it that we forget not everyone is a dog owner. 

What a nice shot of the kids. Wish the dog was conscious.

Micron was able to join in the holiday festivities at my mom’s place again this year. He tried to get her two older dogs involved in some puppy playtime, but that didn’t work out for him.  These gals are so over the puppy phase, they were happier just pretending he didn’t exist within their plane of existence.  They would turn away their mature snouts to say, “No, go away, you bothersome thing. We don’t want to play with you now.” 

His response reminded of Donkey in the Shrek movies.  “OK,” he says, with his tongue lolling out the side, “how about now?  No?  OK, now?  No?  Um, OK.  How about now?”  Poor guy.

Otherwise, the dogs came out pretty good with their holiday gifts. Once again, Jager asked for the same thing as he did last year – his own water bowl. Instead, he got a harness that fits his middle-aged figure. I’m trying, I am, to cut his calories back.  But he still looks like a snausage on four toothpicks. His old harness was giving him a serious armpit wedgie, so time for a new one.  We need a harness for this dog, as his head is actually smaller than his neck; he slips right out of his collar.  Reminds me of a mouse, in a way.

Hope you got more eggnog for Santa Mouse.

Micron opened up some new chew toys. New stuff for home and a couple to take into the office. He had kids to hang with and got to lick a little baby (that darn tongue!).  He was a happy boy all around. 

And where is your Santa hat?

Well, mostly. He had a little trouble with the hat.

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  1. Ahhh! CCI puppies and Christmas 🙂



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