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Oxymorons and other oddities

There was some buzz this past week in one of the CCI social networks about the logic behind puppy naming. Since the moose I’m raising is tagged with the moniker of Micron (irony, anyone?), I found this a pretty interesting conversation string.  Some highlights I think worth sharing . . .

Each litter from Canine Companions for Independence’s exceptional breeding program is assigned an alphabetic letter. Micron is from the “M” litter of nine pups: Mars, Madden, Marlena, Marco, Madias, Miwa, Meryl, Molina. Because of the number of successful litters, it can present a challenge to come up with unique names. Our last pup, Inga, is is fourth pup to be named such, making her official CCI name Inga IV.

Name suggestions are submitted by puppy raisers, breeder caretakers, donors and others within the CCI community. Some lucky folk are honored by having a dog named after them. Micron’s brother Madias is named after the breeder caretaker of their litter. Of course I think it would be amazing to have a super intelligent service dog strutting around with my name, but I do admit to mixed emotions on that one. I kinda cringe at the thought of my name associated with a puppy puddle on the kitchen floor, you know?  Oh, Donna. Baaad girl . . .

We’ve all heard this bit of advice: before naming your baby, try yelling the name out the back door a few times. A name might look good on paper, but maybe not as great when screaming at your kid to “get your butt outta the neighbor’s tree, Kal-el!” (Earth calling Nicholas Cage. Time to come back from Kryton and name your kids something that won’t get them beat up in middle school.)

Ok, reality check. We’re not talking about naming kids something hippy dippy like a comic book character. These are future service dogs; professionally trained and highly skilled. Not only is it ok to tag them with unique names, it’s appropriate. These dogs stand levels above the average pet; their names should reflect this as well. 

Some of the CCI pups I’ve encountered in my circle of activity have been Wallaby, Kel, Naoko, Dreamer, Yahtzee, Karsen, Harvey, Yaz, Inez and the newest one I’ll be meeting in a couple of weeks – a little black pup named Red.

Some other notable names of recent pups are Beatrix, Pavlov (got drool?), Patina, Fonzi, Jango, Bliss, Wasabi, Truman, and Bogie. As a long-time owner of labs, I love the pup names of Hoover and Chewy.
To paraphrase a CCI graduate, it doesn’t matter to her what her dog’s name is. She loves the dog and he loves her. She would proudly call the dog Doo Doo if that were his given name. And after meeting her service dog, people would want to name their own dogs Doo Too. Along that same line of thinking, another fellow said if his dog were named Poophead, he would call him Poopy or Heddy with apologies to no one. Sounds like a healthy attitude to me.

What’s that old one-liner — I don’t care what you call me, so long as you don’t call me late for dinner? Yeah, that’s pretty much the take on puppy names. Guess what the dog really cares about. A clue? It ain’t that their name might sound like a body function. (Enunciate now when you say Wizzard.)
I’m including a handful of photos of Micron’s busy week. The top shot is when he went with me to the polls on Tuesday to vote on our local issues. Micron was so well-behaved and impressive that a helpful lady thought he was my service dog and asked if I wanted to use the large screen voting monitor. She would even have one of the workers escort me. Micron must have been looking pretty darn good and I probably should have had that third cup of coffee before I left the house.

Lunch hour on Wednesday was a trip to the scrapbook store with my croppin’ buddy, Renee.  Here’s Micron doing a wonderful down-stay while we shopped. No, I don’t think he looks depressed about being there. 
This next shot is Micron trying to get his head around why that box is making such a racket. It’s a box o’chicks. Fifty chicks, so I was told. Noisy little buggers. 
Last couple of photos are from Saturday’s Furry Skurry in Dayton,OH. Micron was the spokesdog at the Iams booth. He did a fine job showing off his healthy Eukanuba skin and coat.

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  1. Love the naming explanation! And you last post…the picture of Madden is GORGEOUS! He reminds me of my Retriever mix, Marley. And labs can throw brindle coloring, though I believe one parent has to carry the gene for it to come out. Micron looks like he is growing up to be one handsome boy.


  2. I happen to be the very proud raiser of CHEWY and I LOVE his name. You can't help but smile when saying it!



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