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Mudpuppy [muhd-puhp-ee] –noun

Mudpuppy [muhd-puhp-ee] –noun; any of several often large mammals of the genus Canis Smelliness of the southwestern Ohio region

It finally stopped snowing here in southwestern Ohio. We know spring is just around the corner because, of course, now it’s raining. And since this is Ohio weather, the rain held up for one day so it could snow again. But that was resolved the next day with more spring rain. They don’t call this Sinus Valley for nothin’.

The dogs were desperate to play outside in the backyard. I’m motivated to keep my beautiful taupe carpet free of muddy pawprints. So who won?  Oh right, as if I had a choice in the matter. After yet another day of the zoomies and overturned dining room furniture, I thought perhaps the backyard was finally dry enough for a hearty frisbee session. But hey big surprise; I lost on that one too. A modest little pond had formed back there, surrounded by a six foot radius of a shoe-sucking mud moat. 
But I’m making too much of things, really. Most of the yard was pretty dry. The two dogs could just let loose and run without me squealing like a caught rabbit every time they wrestled each other to the ground.
Sharing some action shots of Micron and Jager. Note the common theme, though. Jager may be in front of Micron, or behind him. Even nose to nose right next to him.  But not once does the hapless spotted dog get to carry the frisbee. He does look happy though, doesn’t he? In a maniacal sorta way.
Moving on to another topic. I’ve expanded the blog roll over there in the side panel on the right. I’m adding some wonderful blog sites that I’ve recently come across that are written by hearing dog teams. Cathy shares her experiences from Canada with Bosley in Life with a Hearing Dog.  And Hearing Elmo is an amazing blog that shares yet another perspective of a hearing dog team. Insightful stuff; I do hope you can take a few minutes to check these out.

It kinda looks like Micron’s eating the mud doesn’t it? Yeah, well.  He is.

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  1. Hey! I am a raiser for GDB. Love your blog. And really, mud is fun to eat if you are a puppy. Then you can give your person a big ol muddy kiss! Enjoy mud season!



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