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Two’s Company, Three’s a Party

Those who know me well respect that I’m not a morning person. Actually, even those who don’t know me well seem to figure that little factoid out pretty quickly. But I gotta say that this past week’s puppy sitting duties brought a change in attitude. 
We had a puppy party every morning in my kitchen starting at the otherwise grim and unforgiving hour of 7 a.m. A fellow CCI puppy raiser had a tight work schedule over these last few days, so he dropped his little furby off at my place. And what a blast we had. The family dog, our CCI pup and this new little guy collided together each morning and ran through the house as a single conjoined fur unit. There was no way I could hold onto the morning grumpies while in the same house as three dogs in the throes of frenzied happiness. It just takes all the ugly out of a day.
Not that I could keep this kind of pace up all day, of course. After I got to the office, I prompty handed one pup over to my BFF cube farm partner. By promptly, I mean that I called her from my cell phone in the parking lot to come out here and get the one of these dogs. Please.
I get the occasional question from folk asking if my first CCI pup, Inga, were to be released from the CCI program, would I adopt her. I think it obvious that I want her to pass and become a skilled service dog for someone, but yeah, I would take her back.  “But,” people say, “then you’d have three dogs in your house.” I would smile sweetly at this naiveté and tell them how much I love dogs and not to worry. “I really think I can handle it just fine,” I say. Reality is a cold and cruel master, however. Sure, I can handle three dogs. Just maybe not at the same time. Check that; I absolutely do believe it’s possible to live with three dogs successfully in a thriving and happy household. 
It’s two young puppies and a terrier mix tearing through my house like a Cub Scout pack tanked on Mountain Dew that is a test of my humble abilities. But would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.
Photos this time around are of Micron and his new puppy friend, Karsen.  On top, they share an eviscerated frog toy, courtesy of the lovely Inga. Next two shots are their separate interpretations of a Sit Stay. And the parting shot is blessed naptime. To be clear, they do both have comfy dog beds and crates.

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