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Wordless Wednesday: A majestic air


So serious, this Holly puppy, with a touch of a majestic air about her like an aura.

Naw, just kidding, y’all.

This is Holly.

Not a prob. I was done taking photos anyway. Silly girl.


Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Wordless Wednesday: Some dogs want to see their name in lights

Some dogs, with aspirations of celebrity-dom, want to see their name in lights. Other dogs have a different value system.

From Canine Companions for Independence’s Facebook page …

It’s National Dog Day and to celebrate, we are launching the#kibblenamegame! Harpo is calling out some of her siblings from theEukanuba #HeroLitter Hala, Hoagy, Holly and Hudson. Post videos/photos of your dogs and call out their four-legged friends.TAG #ccicanine #NDD

What’s this now, Harpo? A challenge, you say?

Game On, sister, says Holly.

I accept your challenge, she says. And will add my weekly birthday shot to it. 

And…, Holly continues. I will stamp my own style to the event by attempting the splits, puppy style, while Food Lady is fussing around with her stoopid camera. I’m betting this morning’s breakfast that she doesn’t even notice.

Later, as Holly is crunching her breakfast, I recall the Kibble Name Game we did with Euka before she returned to CCI for her Advanced Training. Gotcha a link below for that photo and more.

But here’s even another version of just how good these CCI puppies are.

Here’s our Miss Euka at her Matriculation Party we had at P&G Pet Care back in May.  Euka poses with a section of her face cake.

Not a drop of icing on her nose. Good Leave It, you awesome dog.

Yowza, says Euka. I even
look good in frosting.


For an earlier collection of Kibble Name Challenges, be sure to click to our link to a slideshow of The Kibble Name Game here at Raising a Super Dog.

Wordless Wednesday: Eating light

Does it seem dim out to you, I ask The Husband. Because it seems dim to me.

We both squint up at the early evening sky with its waning sunlight. Clear and blue with only a few long, wispy clouds.

The light is different, I say.

I guess we’ll be noticing the days getting shorter now, says The Husband. It’s that time of year.

And it is late, really. Almost eight o’clock before I can pull myself together for the weekly Watch Holly Grow photo shoot. I’ve been liking this time of day because the summer light is softer and more filtered. None of the harsh shadows you get from the mid-day sun.

I was hoping that fancy 40mm pancake lens would eat enough of the light so I wouldn’t have to resort to the on-camera flash. Talk about harsh shadows now.

And I got lucky here. Just enough light to capture that sassy look on Holly’s face.

Say cheese, Holly, I say

Squirrel!, says Holly.

Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Wordless Wednesday: Stretching the week out

You remember that time you woke up and thought, whew, I’m so glad it’s finally Friday. 

But then after the first cuppa Joe, you realized it was only Wednesday.

Don’t you hate that? There’s another way of looking at it, you know.

It’s kinda like getting a gift of two extra days, right?

Well, good news, friends! Instead of celebrating our usual Wordless Wednesday yesterday, we offer you an extension to your week by sharing the newest Watch Holly Grow photo on Thursday.

But that’s not all! This week, when you enjoy Holly’s 21 Week photo, we’ll toss in her 20 Week shot for free! No additional mouse clicks needed for this 2 for 1 special.

Right. If you were privy to my lamentations of an unbalanced life in our last story post, Skipping a Groove, you might see where all this is coming from.

But not to worry. It’s not like I’ve forgotten to feed the dogs in all the latest stress overload.

They would never allow that to happen.

Hey, Food Lady, says Jager, tapping his wrist. It’s seven o’clock.


Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Wordless Wednesday: Armpit wedgie

Hey, Food Lady, says Holly. This cape is giving me an armpit wedgie.

‘Tis true, our sassy girl is growing out of her training cape. Being the more petite of the Canine Companions for Independence Hero Litter, I wonder how the rest are faring with theirs.

Hold on, young pups, and keep those tummies tucked in. You’re almost old enough for your big pup training capes.


Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Wordless Wednesday: Watch Holly Grow

Here we gotcha Miss Holly’s eighteen week birthday shot. Good grief, how this girl is growing. It’s like she’s burning every calorie we put in her to achieve her quest to be all Grown Up.

Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

And then, people, we have the Jager Bomb. He heard there were dog cookies.

This spotted creature is *not* our Miss Holly. Nor is his tongue.

Heh, it kinda looks like he has eyebrows.  Which gives me a particularly evil idea for a future photo shoot … hmmm.

Wordless Wednesday: Go Bucks!

We moved the weekly photo spot once again. For this week’s shoot, we have Holly showcasing her delicate beauty in front of our beloved buckeye tree.

Right, look in the softly focused background. That’s not some rogue bush overdue for a date with the clippers. Our buckeye tree reached landfall sometime yesterday. Bit the dust, so to speak.

The same stoic tree that has graced our backyard for the last eighteen-plus years suffered some nasty structural damage from a wind storm last autumn. Deeply concerned, we called in an arboreal expert who told us that, yes indeed, “your tree got pretty screwed up.”

Still, we held onto a delicate hope that this, our beautiful buckeye, would recover.

But sadly, it was not meant to be. As no one was around when it fell, the buckeye surely went down with nary a whisper, leaving us shocked later as we came across its broken remains. The damage from last fall was too much for the weakened trunk to hold up all that buckeye glory.

On the plus side, it did miss the garage and the fence during its descent to dog’s green earth, so there’s that.

Nothing to do about it, but celebrate the times we enjoyed its generous five-pointed leafy shade, then pay some stumper guy to knock down the rest of it.

Well, and root for Michigan now, I guess.

Things are getting dire around here.


So I look for the photos from last year’s Buckeye disaster and see that it wasn’t an autumnal wind storm, but it actually occurred last summer.

On July 14, 2013.

I didn’t think this noteworthy until I looked at yesterday’s date, when the buckeye tree gave up its last stand.

On July 15, 2014.


Anyhoo, portents and bad omens aside, here’s what we had to deal with last summer. And yeah, that time it did hit the garage.

Dang it, I really liked that tree.

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