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5 last minute dog-related gift ideas without leaving your house


Don’t look now. The sun’s going down.

If you’re like me, your motto during the holiday season is “it’s not last minute until it’s Christmas Eve.”  So consider this a bit of planning ahead.

Because we’re both awesome like that.

We’ve got us a whole two sleeps before the big day. And if we have this planning gene in common, you and I, then perhaps we also share the desire to not leave the house again after surviving the holiday frenzies. Maybe never. But likely just until we run out of milk or something.

But how’s your shopping going? Do you still have someone on your list that’s still hanging out there?

You know the one.

What do you want for Christmas? you ask.

Oh, nothing, they say as they casually wave the thought away with a hand. Just your presence is enough. I have everything I need.

Does this drive you mad, too? Sure, they probably mean it. But darn it all, it just makes an awkward moment when the gift wrap is flying about the living room on Christmas morn.

And because, well, you want to gift them something since you care about them and stuff.

Does your difficult-to-gift person happen to be a fellow Lover of All Things Dog? Yeah? I have some gift ideas for you, then.

And you don’t even have to leave the house.

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Reindeer games

[previously posted in Raising a Super Dog]

Hey, Food Lady, says Holly. Santa called. He wants me to come over to play reindeer games with Rudolph.

I can go, right? The Cat told me Rudolph has a big red glow ball that I can play Keep Away with. He says Rudolph loves this game.

I need to get back in good with Santa. I think this is just the thing that’ll do it, too. 

Can I help decorate?


Holly, a Canine Companions for Independence puppy

Turkey Sit

[previously published on Raising a Super Dog]
A slightly belated birthday to the Canine Companions for Independence Hero Litter.

Holly and her littermates should have received a hearty Happy Eight Month Birthday greeting a few days ago on November 18. But the day came and went without a peep from us here.

Kind of like the movie Sixteen Candles, but without all that teenage awkwardness.

Because there’s nothing awkward about Miss Holly now. Just look at her surrounded by her aura of grace and poise.

Sure, mostly nothing awkward. Do take notice of those back legs of hers, willya.

Oh my.

What brought this posture about? The chilly earth? Emulating a roast turkey in advance of the upcoming holiday? The desire to comply with the Sit command real good now?

Maybe simply a reminder that, at eight months old, Miss Holly is still a puppy.

Just in a bigger body.

Jedi Turkeys

Jedi Turkeys

So glad you stopped by

So glad you stopped by

Welcome to Go. Do. Be Dog.  We’re a companion blog to Raising a Super Dog, a place to read the adventures of volunteer puppy raising for a service dog organization.But here at GDBD, we go a little deeper into the wonderful stuff that is the Human-Animal bond. With photos, stories and the occasional book review, we’ll share how dogs continue their quest to enhance our world by being, well … their awesome selves. Comments, personal stories, article suggestions and guest posts are all welcome here. For submissions, click over to the Go. Do. Be Dog’s About Page to access the Contact Form. Keep those tails waggin’, people.

Smart Phone Screen Cleaner



So I just happened to have this photo of the Jagerhund. The Why’s and How’s of this phenomena are lost to history, but I did indeed capture a private moment between my freaky little dog and the storm door.

Yep, Jager is schlurping the inside of the window.

And I get this idea.

This is now the desktop image on my Droid.

Because, you see, I can clean the outside of the screen easy ’nuff. But it would certainly void the warranty if I took the thing apart of wipe down the inside, right?

Problem solved, y’all.

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