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Wordless Wednesday: A Lab-derriere cross


What do you get when you cross a Labrador with a terrier?

No really, I’m hoping you might know.  A lab-derriere cross, perhaps?

A vintage shot of Jager and our first CCI puppy, the lovely Inga, on vacation with us in the RV.  The cooler weather has inspired me with thoughts of autumn.  When then led to fond memories of a fall camping trip on Skyline Drive with these two road dogs.

Wait just a sec, you say.  Did we just see the words RV and camping trip used in the same context? C’mon now. Does one truly “camp out” in an RV?

And I would respond to this by saying that RV is an acronym, not a word. Otherwise, good catch, y’all.  Even traveling in a rustic beast such as this, we were far from roughing it.

But road trips with the dogs has always been my vacation of choice.  And I can prove it, too.  For those who want an early taste of autumn, grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and do some leisurely clickin’ for our past RV adventures. 

Top 10 reasons to take an RV vacation with your dog

Recipe swap – RV Road Dawgs

Pawprints in the sand

Nature gets uppity (featuring the Joe Dirt car!)

It was a dark and stormy night

Chocolate: it’s not just for breakfast anymore

Color my world with dog

Spirits of the season

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  1. Aww you guys sure look ready to go exploring!


  2. Dannyboy & Sharkly loved going RVing. Vlad & Barkly love going RVing. Dogs just love going with you no matter where you want to take them!


  3. If I would put a personalized license plate on the RV, I would do something like “ROAD-DAWG”. I don't know, is that too many letters? Because I'd also like to put on X3 or X4 or whatever number of canines we happen to have with us.

    Anyway, you're totally right, Leah. These two just loved traveling.


  4. Absolutely true with my crew. Even after a week on the road we can't get Jager to voluntarily leave the RV to come back into the house. He's all about the adventures and has no use for the daily grind that is normalcy.



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