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Changes in latitude, changes in attitude

Alright! A good hair day, now that’s a lovely way to start my morning. To my amazement, these ultra fine, straight-as-string hillbilly locks are tamed down and lookin’ sassy. Now that’s something to celebrate. I’m gonna video conference someone today, y’all.

Oh. [sigh] It’s raining. Fine. I put the post-it note back over the webcam eye on the laptop to block it from any unintentional viewing.  I’ll just go old school and phone people today, I think as I leash the puppy for the first of many potty breaks. 

It was a Work from Home Day last Monday. This was also Day Three of Euka and I getting to know each other.  I always seem to be four paws away from being an animal hoarder (how many mammals can I fit in this house and still be married?), so being vigilant to the changing homestead dynamics pays off big time.

Micron, our change of career and former CCI puppy, was rather unsettled to find he is once again in the position of shared attention. The first couple of days, Micron would agree to be in the same room with the little usurper, but he kept his back to all of us. Dog language for being pretty peeved about our poor decision making skills.

I knew he was really put out when treating the dogs during a training session. Everyone in a calm sit, attention on the handler. Good dogs, well done!  A puppy kibble is gifted to Euka, Jager and then Micron. Micron took the kibble, then opened his mouth to let it fall out. Not even the energy to  spit it out, but just let it drop. Good grief, you big baby.

This didn’t bug me overly much. Just like when we introduced young Yaxley, Micron will process this change in his life and eventually warm up to the puppy. 

And as the week progressed, Micron finds comfort in knowing that he’s still dearly loved and rides in the car haven’t stopped. Meal times continue to happen on schedule, even though the puppy’s exclusive noon meal is kind of a sore spot. So Micron’s made a smooth transition from talk-to-my-back to tentatively sharing the dog bed, then finally full out play sessions in the backyard. Moving along nicely here, I think.

And Jager, our terrier All American mutt, is a pro having been through this puppy thing a few times. As a professional victim, he accepts his role as a squeak toy and pin cushion for needle teeth. He also knows that eight week old puppies don’t climb stairs. The second story is Sanctuary for weary, gnawed upon older dogs. Well, for now.

Ah, but what about the cat and his visions of grandiosity, you ask? Honestly, I really didn’t know which one to be afraid for.  Who will be predator and who the prey? I knew to keep a close watch on this new relationship.

To discourage prey drive in the CCI puppies, I don’t want to introduce a cat that will allow himself to be chased. Which is one reason we have Bodine around here. This cat will stand his ground or he will until bodily shoved by three dogs moving through a room.  I’ve seen this cat weave between the legs of happy canines (You’re home! You came back! say the dogs) only to get plastered to the kitchen wall in all the excitement. And the honey badger just doesn’t care.  Hey, Food Wench, says Bodine, Sovereign Ruler of Sword House. My bowl’s empty again. Fill ‘er up, why doncha?

Now take a sec to check out this photo below with Bodine and Euka. What do you see taking place here? No, no, you’re right. Bodine is indeed sitting upon a sheet of cardboard that I set out as a cat trap to keep him off my laptop keyboard while I’m working. Right, normal stuff. No big deal.

But an interesting turn when Euka grabs the cardboard cat trap and starts pulling it across the kitchen floor.  Tug-jerk-slide, tug-jerk-slide. The cat rides bumpily along like the dog is learning to drive a stick shift.

And look at Bodine’s posture, that look of regal entitlement.  Mush onward, you smelly beast of mine, says Bodine. Deliver me to the royal kibble bowl before I fade to a skeletal state.

So what a busy week for this little critter, Euka. A flight from California to Ohio to be met by cooler temps, different digs, furry friends and her new puppy raisers. And she’s taking it all in like a champ.

Ever curious and always moving, with the heart of a lion. This Euka is going to be a blast to have around for the next year or so.

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  1. Our Lady is the same way. She would have more animals but she knows that would end in Divorce Court! Although how can one resist such a cute face! Have a great day. Lee and Phod


  2. Such a good description of Micron's reaction to the puppy. I can almost see him in my mind's eye.

    Puppy brings big changes to everyone. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  3. OH this made me laugh! Euka is so cute! And look at that scowl on Micron…poor little (NOT!)guy!


  4. Right, we need that second income to keep up this fancy lifestyle we've become accustomed to, lol. And he's a nice guy to have around.

    But it would be so easy just to squeeze one more critter in here, I think.


  5. I would pretend that I know what I'm doing here, since this is CCI pup #4 and all. But even our pet dogs change with age, don't they? I think I know what to expect out of these guys and then they insist on doing something totally different. I am just fascinated by dog language and their relationships with each other.


  6. Micron usually has such a doggy smile, that it is apparent in the photo that he's pouting and unhappy. Things get better every day, though. The two are mouth playing together and chasing each other now. But always on Micron's initiation, he prefers not to get jumped every time he crosses over to the water bowl.

    BTW, we tried to get another Einstein in this E litter. CCI said it was too soon between Einsteins and vetoed the name.



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