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Canine chiclets need love too

Grooming day

“Yaxley’s teeth are so white!” a friend observes as the yellow dog stretches out a big horsefly-catching yawn.  Well, they should be, I say. He just got them a few months ago.

And we all know that February is National Pet Dental Health  Month, don’t we? Yep, for real and everything. An entire month dedicated to the chiclets of our four legged friends. Complete with a bonus day cuz this is a leap year.

To raise awareness of this National holiday, the boys have offered a photo demo in canine dental care. Of course, a Google search will net you a collection of excellent choices designed for educational purposes. A great place to start is at the AVMA‘s website. Some may find the video helpful in seeing exactly how you get a toothbrush into a dog’s maw in a manner that may actually do some good. The veterinarian patiently explains how to introduce your pet to the dental paste and toothbrush over a few days before doing the deed.

Solid advice, I think, for the skeptical pets of the world.  I, however, have lab/golden crosses. I have never (Never!, I say) seen these fellas reject anything that went into their mouth. The trick is, and has always been, getting said object back out of those murky depths. So, I merely slap some poultry flavored toothpaste on the brush and they all line up. Introductory period? I think nae. 

So with all these websites out there on the grid that offer pet dental care tips and tricks, what could I possibly have to offer you? Well, fasten your seatbelts, people, and prepare for a wild ride.

Because just for you, I offer pet dental care photos . . .  taken with a Lomo Fisheye camera!

Wait! Don’t go! I know, I know. There’s no way anyone can enjoy this as much as I did, but hang with me for just another couple of minutes here.

For all you normal, healthy-minded folk, I must explain. The Lomo is a funky little plastic camera gadget that spits out images in that gritty genre of artistic expression. Proportional distortions, off colors, totally unreliable exposure, and light leaks — it’s a geek’s dream of a camera. It even needs film! Remember dropping your film off at the drugstore and actually waiting to see your photos? One-hour processing seems like an unbearable eternity to see what your camera had wrought. This is geekery topped off with nostalgia.

I love the Lomo.

So anyway, here’s Jager, Micron and Yaxley watching me load the poultry flavored pasted onto their personal toothbrushes. How do I know it actually tastes like a domesticated bird?  I guess I don’t really care what the flavor is, so long as I don’t have to work out a six day introductory period with the dogs. It could be cat snicker flavored for all I know. Theoretically speaking and all.

This is our downstairs half bathroom and yes, it is indeed that small. Like a water closet, except we don’t say it with a British accent. We had to custom order that dollhouse sized sink at the last remodel of our 60 year old abode. (My mantra – the house has charm, the house has charm . . . ).

Don’t accept this next shot as proper dental cleaning by any means. I only have two hands and one is holding the Lomo.  To pull up Yaxley’s lips to get to his pearly chiclets, I would need another hand. Or Jedi skills.

Yeah, same here with Micron.  Not a real demo of technique. But it does show a sense of camaraderie with Yaxley’s valiant attempt to take one for the team.  The plastic lens cap hanging in the lower left corner is a special plus for this shot.

Please sir, may we have some more? they ask.  

Dental care is only one part of the trifecta of grooming fun. We got your nail clipping and coat care, as well.  But we’ll just have to wait until National Make a Self-Aware Tribble with your Dog’s Fur Day to cover the rest of this adventure.

Don’t get me wet or feed me after midnight.

Today’s “Would You Rather” challenge:  Would you rather have a third hand or Jedi skills?

My vote is for the Jedi skills. The Force is all around us and, well, the challenge doesn’t make clear exactly where that third hand will go, now does it?

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  2. Oh, Donna. You really do have too much time on your hands….
    Just kidding! Always love your blog posts, thanks for the funnies!
    Leigh Anne


  3. Yeah, I think I let my mind wander into a sketchy neighborhood this time.



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