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So. Where y’all from?

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  1. Hi, there, from Jon Farleigh, Dewi and me! 🙂 It was great meeting you and Yaxley. And too bad my boys had to start a barking rant in the movie. 😦 So glad you came by my blog…I've been staring neglectfully at my little stack of business cards from BlogPaws – especially the one with Yaxley's face on it.:)

    P.S. I once gave a girlfriend a b-day card with that joke on it. I'm not sure she appreciated it as much as I did in the store. It made me crack up outloud. 🙂


  2. Hi Donna,
    Schatzi and I enjoyed meeting you and Yaxley @BlogPaws. Did Yaxley enjoy the Spooky Buddies movie as much as the other dogs there? It was funny to hear them all cheer on the puppies, as needed. I look forward to staying connected with you.



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